Speedo Jammers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Speedo jammers are possibly the most popular item of sportswear for the water of all time. Speedo jammers manage to combine style and comfort with practicality. Nearly everyone who enjoys water sports of any kind finds that the extra protection that knee-length Speedo jammers gives them is great in any situation.

The fabrics that Speedo jammers are made from, often containing Lycra or Spandex, give swimmers a highly desirable profile, while also reducing turbulent drag in the water. This means that you can get more speed with Speedo jammers. When you're putting on a wet suit, Speedo jammers can make it a much faster operation by improving suit glide time.

Speedo Jammers in the Water and Out

Like many other items of sports clothing, jammers have become highly popular outside the sport. So if you want to look stylish any time, the addition of Speedo jammers to your wardrobe is a wise move. Whatever you're doing in the water though, Speedo jammers will see you through, from messing around, to serious training, and even on to competition day.

For good wear, try and pick Speedo jammers that have some kind of elastane, (Lycra or Spandex are just two) ingredient to their fabric, and are at least chlorine resistant. Another tip to make your Speedo jammers last longer is to have two or three pairs that you wear alternately. Make sure you rinse them out thoroughly and hang them up to dry after use!

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