Swim Goggles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Swim goggles are intended primarily to protect the delicate eye area from the elements and salty or chlorinated water. Apart from making water sports more comfortable, properly fitting goggles could actually prevent injury. No other kind of goggles will do the job. To be watertight, make sure you're buying proper swim goggles.

When choosing swim goggles, the first thing to consider is placement. Like any personal item, choosing goggles depends largely of personal preference, but must be chosen for how they fit, just as you would try any other item of clothing for fit. Badly fitting goggles will not serve their purpose and will simply be a cause of annoyance. Taking the time to make the right choice will save disappointment.

Swim Goggles Should Fit Snugly

Do you prefer swim goggles that fit snugly around the eye socket? Or do you prefer a larger lens that covers more of your face? Small goggles that fit into your eye socket are called "racing profile" goggles because they do not cause much drag when swimming for speed.

Speedo make a large range of goggles so that you can find whatever suits you best. Larger, fitness goggles may be more comfortable than racing profile. Examples include the Speedo Sprint, TYR team spirit, or the Swedish goggle. You may have to try on several pairs of swim goggles before you find the pair that is right for you. Don't rush this important choice.

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