Take Care Of Your Scuba Gear And It Will Take Care Of You

Written by tommyg828
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When you have a good amount of money invested in scuba diving equipment, it's only logical to maintain it properly to last you many years. Not to mention your safety and well being are dependent on the same scuba gear used in every dive you make.

Are You Neglecting Your Scuba Diving Gear

Nothing shortens the life of your scuba equipment more than salt water, where the majority of scuba diving is done. If not properly rinsed off after a dive, salt crystals (that are extremely abrasive) will be left on your gear, and will begin to destroy it. After a dive, be sure to rinse (with fresh water) all your basic equipment like your mask, fins, boots and snorkel.

The buoyancy compensator (BC) must be rinsed inside and out. After completely rinsing off the outside of BC the bladder must washed out. First drain out any salt water trapped in the bladder. Then put some fresh water in bladder and shake vigorously letting water run out of the mouthpiece. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times. Be sure all water is out of the bladder.

If you use a wetsuit, it's very important to rinse this inside and out. Turn the suit inside out to insure getting all the salt off. The regulator must be rinsed and air purged through to get any water out.

Make sure your scuba diving gear is completely dry before storing in a cool dry place. Don't dry your scuba equipment in direct sunlight; the rays also shorten the life of scuba gear.

Make It a Habit

Once you have made this routine a habit, you will see how quick and easy preventive maintenance on scuba gear really is. Save yourself money and aggravation when trying to relax and enjoy your vacation .

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