Are Custom Trophies Worth It?

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Custom trophies can make a real statement about a company that sponsors a sports team or hosts employee competitions of any kind. They can be a great advertising tool as well and are particularly suited to non-athletic recognition. Crystal or acrylic desk clocks celebrating success are always appreciated, for example.

If your company or group has the budget, awards displaying your logo can add a touch of class to any decor. Custom trophies cost more, but they can make a stronger impact than standard trophies and are an excellent choice for corporate use. Custom award products are available for ordering online and online catalogs will display available options and pricing.

Can You Customize Discount Trophies and Awards?

The answer is "yes." While specifically designed custom trophies can be desirable in certain circumstances, there is a lot of leeway in what you can do to make discount trophies a true representation of your group's identity. For example, color choices are available as well as logo plates that can display business or school insignia.

These options are generally included in the basic price or, if you need more customization, can be obtained at very reasonable rates from discount trophy vendors. Plaques are particularly suitable for displaying logos or insignia to advantage. Note that you will always have options when purchasing directly from the manufacturer online and that more elaborate customization is usually a factor of budget and purpose.

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