Awards & Trophies Ideas

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you're looking for unique ways to recognize excellence, you are probably wondering what products are out there to choose from. It's important to express not only the effort and success of your team or individuals, it's also a great idea to express the uniqueness of the group and the recipient. Trophies, plaques, and medals can accomplish this for you.

It can be a good idea to use some of each type of award in your presentations. For example, you can recognize effort with an engraved medal hanging from a tri-color ribbon, and you can even provide a velvet box to display it. For coaches, sportsmanship, and support people, you can use plaques engraved with a description of their contribution. For sports achievements, you can use trophies of various sizes and types.


It's always a good idea to have a few surprises at your ceremony. By including a gag award (tastefully done, of course), you can bring a moment of fun into the procedure and can help those who didn't win to enjoy the party. Adding a unique special award for the season can also create a fun atmosphere. This kind of award can recognize a special, but possibly not sports-related, achievement and can keep sports in perspective, especially for younger athletes.

Remember to have variety in your awards while, at the same time, focusing on a theme for the ceremony. Make each award special by including a few remarks about the recipient. It's even a nice idea to have other team members come up and give out some of the awards. One last point, if you are celebrating a team, you might want to include an award to a player selected by the team for representing certain qualities.

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