Baseball Trophies

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Even the smallest organization can afford great-looking, professionally designed baseball trophies. You can find them in a variety of styles from statuettes, to ribbons and medallions, to plaques. You can get awards made of plastic or various metals or even acrylics. Your awards can represent t-ball, softball, or baseball and can honor individual accomplishments such as pitching or home runs as well as team effort or coach's awards.

Volume discounts are available as well, and, in some cases (such as for non-profit organizations), there can be additional discounts, free engraving, or free shipping. Online discount trophy vendors also provide you with full-color photos of the trophies and awards they offer as well as showing styles you might not have ever found going from store to store. By finding exceptional prices for quality baseball awards, you can make sure that everyone gets recognized in a special way.

Team Trophy Options

The whole point of giving trophies or plaques is to recognize excellence, and excellence can be found in a lot of places when it comes to a team sport. While the players are on the field, they are exhibiting the behaviors and drive that they learned from the coaches. Parents who support the team by driving the players around, selling cookies, and cheering their hearts out make a huge contribution to the team's success. Players who step up and go the extra mile, especially in the area of motivating and supporting other players, deserve special recognition.

It's nice to know that, at the prices you can get online, you can make a lot of people happy by recognizing their efforts. Some awards you can give are:
Highest Batting Average, Most Home Runs, Most Stolen Bases, Pitching--Most Games Won, Best Outfielder, Best Infielder, Most Improved Player, Sportsmanship--Coach's Award, Coach of the Year, and Team Mom.

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