Cheerleader Trophies

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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In the past, cheerleading was considered to be an added extra at sporting events. The young ladies and men who participated were not considered to be athletes; they were just there to motivate fans to support the team by yelling as loudly as they could. Cheerleaders did some jumping around and a few pretty intense moves, but they were window dressing, more like dancers than athletes.

Not so today. Today's cheerleaders perform routines that many athletes couldn't even begin to accomplish, and they do it with skill and athleticism that rivals that of the players on the field or court. Cheerleading competitions are broadcast nationally for high-school and college teams. They are entertaining and exciting, and the competition is as intense as any game. The winners are honored and their skill is clearly recognized.

Cheerleading Trophies and Awards

Cheerleading is clearly a team activity. The routines demonstrate cooperation and trust to a degree not often found in other events. Everyone must work together for the team to win. At the end of a season or competition, the trophies and plaques are just as special as those presented to football or basketball players, and they represent as much hard work and mutual support.

Online companies now offer lines of cheerleading trophies and plaques in addition to those for traditional sports. As with other trophy lines, there are a wide variety of styles available from simple plaques to exciting new models depicting cheerleading activities in school colors. At banquets and celebrations, cheerleaders who receive the trophies are just as moved as other athletes, and their trophies are displayed with pride.

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