Finding Discount Trophies

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you work with a non-profit athletic league or a school system, you may not have much money in your budget for awards and trophies. But even if you have the money you need from a professional sports team, finding the best deals on trophies makes good sense. You can find those deals online in much less time than it takes to order one single catalogue from a store or to go to the store to see what they have.

Online vendors are one-stop shopping venues. They display their trophy and plaque lines, as well as ancillary materials such as ribbons and medals, right on their websites, and the displays usually include pricing and a description of other services they provide. Depending on how many units you need, you will find that you may be able to get free engraving, discounted upgrades, and/or free shipping. And everything is done in one place, with one guarantee of quality, and one bill to pay.

Where Are the Discount Vendors?

If you get on the Internet and enter "trophies" in the search bar, hundreds of vendors will pop up. Finding the right one is as simple as narrowing your search, adding the word "discount" or "wholesale" and checking out the sites you find. You will want to find one that offers a full range of trophy options and you should compare pricing. You may be surprised at how little quality trophies can cost from a discount vendor.

Ordering can be as easy as sending an email or filling out a few boxes. Payment options vary, so look for a company that will accept purchase orders if you use them or company credit cards or checks online. Be sure to get a total price including engraving and shipping and handling, and get a specific shipping date. Ask about warranties and what will happen if you are not satisfied with the trophies when they arrive. Most online companies will stand by their products because they want your repeat business, so they will be happy to work with you to make sure your organization is happy with your trophy selections.

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