Adventure Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Adventure books can be many different things, depending on how you look at it. Adventure books include memoirs by people who traveled to distant places and did scary things, such as raft down a hippo- and crocodile-infested river in Africa or shark dive off the coast of Australia in a flimsy cage, hoping to catch a glimpse of some fierce great whites. Adventure books can be fictional as well, with plots about murder in the French Riviera or getting lost in the Amazon.

There are certainly a host of adventure books to choose from, including titles that are considered non-fiction, fiction, or even biographical. There are adventure books about famous people, such as Amelia Earhart, whose plane went missing and who was never heard from again. Stories abound about what happened to Amelia and her plane, but to this day, no one has any definitive answers regarding that matter.

You can pick up books about hikers who tackle the highest mountains in the world, such as Mount Everest, which has on more than one occasion taken the lives of those either brave enough or silly enough to attempt the climb. Read about surfers who attempt to tackle the most outrageous waves in Hawaii by being towed in with jet skis. One wrong move and death is imminent. Although we may wonder what drives people to take such chances, it sure can be fun reading about their adventures from the safety of our own homes.

Adventure Books for Thrill Seekers, or Maybe Just Thrill Readers

Whether you like to roll up your sleeves and jump into a new adventure with both feet or you like to watch an adventure unfold from the sidelines, adventure books can be a wonderful read. It does not matter if you choose fiction or non-fiction, as long as your mind gets lost in the story. When you browse through the adventure section online, you are likely going to have trouble choosing just one title. The good news is that the prices are so low you can probably afford to buy more than one.

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