Adventure Travel Companies

Written by Serena Berger
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Adventure travel companies can help you plan a vacation with any degree of involvement that you want. Some people who enjoy outdoor adventures carry their independent spirit to the extreme and want only a little assistance in making sure they are approaching their activities in a safe way or at an optimal time of year. Others enjoy the security of knowing that a company has checked into everything from hotel reservations to dining to activities with trained guides to keep them safe.

Adventure travel companies can offer packages for singles, couples, or families that are tailored to the interests and fitness levels of everyone involved. For a family with a young child and a teenager, an adventure vacation might be staying in a relatively nice cabin in the mountains where it's just a quick trip to whitewater rafting, but there's also a shaded pool right in the backyard. For a couple on their own, this might mean mountain climbing and camping on top of the mountain with no one else in a ten mile radius.

Extreme Adventure Travel Companies

There are also a new breed of upscale adventure travel companies offering incredible packages that could blow the mind of the most jaded traveler. In the last couple of years, for example, ex-military personnel have been developing spy camps, where you can learn all manner of special forces techniques and then cap off the vacation with a staged hostage rescue or espionage mission. You could also try swimming with sharks, flying a plane, skydiving, or truck racing if you want a real adventure vacation.

There are companies out there to help you customize all of those vacations and more, staffed with trained professionals to help you enjoy them as safely as possible. The standard conception of "adventure travel" is that you will be doing something outdoors, typically an athletic activity of some sort; but don't feel as though that has to be the nature of adventure travel. If you prefer wandering around the narrow alleys of a foreign market and listening to storytellers in North Africa as an adventure, with a little help from the right travel company, you can make that adventure a reality, too.

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