Adventure Travel Holidays

Written by Serena Berger
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Adventure travel holidays can be quite different if you're taking one alone, as a couple, or with a family. The idea, however, remains the same: take a chance to get away from your normal daily routine and do something exciting and out of the ordinary. This could mean bungee jumping, learning to race trucks, going backpacking in a country where you have only a guidebook and a phrase book to help you get around, or trying a variety of outdoor sports with your family.

Getting Help Planning Adventure Travel Holidays

Planning adventure travel holidays often requires a specialized kind of assistance. The same travel agents who have taken classes and studied up on elegant cruises around the Greek Isles are probably not the people who are going to give you the best advice about camping in the wilderness or catching the toughest Class V rapids. The fact is, you're best off engaging the assistance of the staff at a business that offers the specific type of activities you want to try: not only will they be able to help you plan your adventure with them, but they will also have the best recommendations for where to stay within your price range, what you need to bring, and what else you might like to do in their area.

While some people prefer to build their own adventure travel holidays, as it were, others prefer to take advantage of planned adventures. Some of these packaged adventures are planned just for individuals or families, and others put you together with a group of people who want to try the same thing. If you want to go whitewater rafting, for instance, typically you need at least four, if not six people in the raft. If you are going with just your partner, you will need to pair up with some other people, and a group adventure holiday will facilitate that.

If you're single, you might want to consider taking an adventure holiday in a group designed for singles. While the focus of the vacation will still be riding, climbing, boating, or whatever you wanted to do, you will be doing it in an atmosphere with other fun-loving young singles. When you get back to your campsite or resort at night, you'll have a lot of people to talk to about the activities you've just shared; maybe one of them will turn out to be your perfect match.

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