Adventure Vacations

Written by Serena Berger
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Adventure vacations can be different things for different people. Many travel agencies or resorts will tack the word "adventure" onto pretty much any travel package. Really, in the end, whatever you think is an adventure is the right adventure for you; but if you want some ideas from the tame to the extreme, you may be able to find them all in outdoor adventure vacations.

For families, adventure vacations can be a great time to bond, while enjoying the only time that everyone gets off from work and school together. If you want more than a couple of days for your vacation, generally the only options are the winter holiday break or summer vacation. In addition to enjoying the time with family, if you take an outdoor vacation you can make the most of getting away from a cold winter or a hot summer to a more moderate climate.

Adventure Vacations for Couples

For couples, an adventure vacation can be romantic and exciting. Attempting a real challenging mountain climb together can build a sense of trust, as well as getting you to someplace beautiful and romantic at the end of your climb where you can camp together under the stars. You could also go to a resort with outdoor activities from horseback riding on the beach to taking ATV's out on sand dunes or through a verdant river gorge.

Some of the best adventure holidays can be taken alone. Maybe you want to meet someone else with an adventurous streak going skydiving, or fearlessly battling Class V rapids alone in a kayak. Exploring the world on your own is a great adventure in and of itself, and one you shouldn't deny yourself if you haven't settled down yet with a partner or family.

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