African Art Books

Written by Amy Hall
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African art books are not only beautiful to look through, but they oftentimes provide a bit of history and a glimpse into the various cultures of Africa. There are books on tribal art, which include any artifacts, clothing, or paintings made by hand. You will see various materials, such as stones, beads, wood, and textiles that are made into weapons, clothing, headgear, and housing.

Many African art books show masks, which are commonly made and worn by the various tribes throughout the continent. You will get the chance to see how the masks are made and what they symbolize. For instance, some tribes wear them for special ceremonies, while others wear them in times of turmoil and war. Most African art books come with captions next to the photographs, which help the reader to understand the origin of the artifacts.

Beautiful African Art Books

You may be particularly interested in African art books that focus on Egypt, the great pyramids and the Nile River. It is amazing to see actual photographs of the towering pyramids that were constructed centuries ago, without the assistance of any machinery. Imagine building a pyramid without tools! It is almost unthinkable, yet the Egyptians did so using their own hands and hard work. Well done.

Egypt is also widely recognized for its hieroglyphic images that even today are difficult for the experts to decipher. In addition, Egypt has beautiful art, jewelry, statues, and sculptures that are worth taking a peek at when you get a chance. African art books run the gamut, and you could certainly spend hours examining the various titles.

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