African Travel Books

Written by Amy Hall
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African travel books can give you the ins and outs of planning a vacation, whether you will be staying in a luxury hotel in Egypt or in a tent under the stars for a safari. Africa is a country that continues to draw interest, simply because its terrain and its cultures are so diverse. You can travel to South Africa and enjoy some outstanding surfing and scuba diving, or you can hit central Africa and meet some tribal civilizations that can show you how to survive in the bush.

Of course if you are planning a safari, you will need to know what to pack for your trip. Aside from a camera, you will want insect repellent, warm clothing for night excursions, and light clothing for day excursions. Do not forget to bring a broad hat, to protect your face and your eyes from the heat of the midday sun. Travel guidebooks will also help you figure out what, if any, inoculations you will need before traveling to Africa.

In addition, you will need to know what type of currency Africa uses, and how you should carry money when traveling. Not all areas of Africa are wild, and you will run into some metropolitan areas that do have some modern conveniences. However, if you know you will be planning a very rugged vacation, either hiking or going on safari, you should not plan on being able to find an ATM machine around the corner when you need cash.

Getting Pointers with African Travel Books

It is always wise to do as much research as you can about your vacation destination before you leave. African travel books can be especially beneficial for you because Africa is such a large continent, and each and every country has multiple languages, cultures, and social graces that you might need to become acquainted with before you arrive. You can find some outstanding guidebooks on Africa through the Web, if you would like to save money and shop from the convenience of home.

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