American Cuisine

Written by Amy Hall
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If you love to cook as much as you love to travel, you can find some great cookbooks on American cuisine online. Certainly you will have trouble choosing between the various cookbooks available. There are cookbooks dedicated solely to Southern food, as well as others that focus on New Orleans cooking or California cuisine.

American cooking represents a whole mish-mash of recipes from the various regions of the world. This makes perfect sense considering that our ancestors came from Europe, Africa, Asia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South America. American cuisine is not really one specific thing, but rather a smorgasbord of delectable tastes from various countries. California chefs often make Mediterranean or Asian-inspired dishes, while the east coast chefs often draw upon Dutch and English roots for their recipes.

Down south, fried food has become world-famous, and nothing tastes as finger licking good as some juicy fried chicken or catfish, accompanied by fried okra and some golden baked biscuits. Top that off with some fresh sweet tea, and you have the perfect southern dinner. The Northwest draws upon the ocean for some of its best dishes, such as fresh broiled salmon, accompanied by wild rice, steamed asparagus, and a chilled sauvignon blanc. All of these dishes can be considered American cuisine, even though they are all so uniquely different from one another.

American Cuisine Cookbooks

If your mouth is watering, and mine certainly is, perhaps you might want to consider purchasing some American cuisine cookbooks online. You can choose from a variety of titles, and don't forget about American desserts, such as good old apple pie or delicious chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. The choice is yours, and when you shop online, you can find some great prices on American cuisine cookbooks. If you can save a significant amount of money, you may be able to afford a few cookbooks, instead of just one or two.

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