Asian Art Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Asian art books make great travel coffee table books. There are many books with gorgeous leather covers and beautiful pages filled with captivating photographs of the royal palaces of India, Chinese art (including photos of prized bronzes), calligraphy and paintings, as well as textiles and metalwork. Asia covers a large area, and it includes Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, India, and China, to name a few.

If you cannot afford to actually collect Asian art, at least you can acquire some beautiful Asian art books. You can see gorgeous photos of sculptures, paintings, and jewelry that have history and value to them. Perhaps you have an affinity for ceramics painted with Asian designs, but you cannot afford the real thing. Well, you could collect Asian art books that showcase elegant Asian ceramic artwork.

Collecting Asian Art Books

You can find an assortment of Asian art books, as well as travel guidebooks, maps, and memoirs through online specialty stores that focus on travel and art. Purchasing art books for others can be tricky if you are not sure of their tastes, so a gift certificate might be the right touch in such circumstances. Your friends and family members will appreciate being able to browse through art books and choose the ones they like best.

If you are shopping for yourself, the hard part will probably be choosing between the various books you like. Although art books can be pricey, you are likely going to find some great deals through the Internet. Maybe you can afford to buy a few books with the money you will be saving overall on costs. Even if you only come away with one book, just think what a treasure it will be.

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