Asian Travel Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Asian travel books touch upon the major countries that tourists tend to visit in Asia, such as Japan, China, India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Asia is huge, so you might want to purchase travel guidebooks that pertain to the specific country you will be visiting. In other words, if you will be heading to China, you probably only want information that is pertinent to China and the way of living in that country. You would not need information about the social customs of the Japanese.

If you are not sure which guidebooks are worth their money, it is safe to suggest Frommer's travel guidebooks, as they cover many topics. You can learn about the currency exchange, the language spoken, lodging and accommodations, dining, social etiquette, as well public transportation and sights to see while on vacation. If you are going to be traveling to Asia with children, you can find out which hotels have kid-friendly activities.

Asian Travel Books for the Avid Traveler

Some people who travel to Asia become hooked, and go back again and again. The Great Wall of China has become a point of interest for many tourists, who travel to China specifically to see this historical site. Some people who travel to Asia enjoy the peace and quiet of the smaller towns and cities, while others come to soak in the electricity of the larger cities, such as Hong Kong.

Asian travel books usually come with maps that point out areas of interest, as well as give the location of streets and roads in major cities. This can be helpful to have with you when you decide to go out and about for the day on your own, with no tour guide to watch over you. You may also want to purchase a foreign phrase book with a pronunciation key to help you converse on a basic level with the natives.

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