Aviation Adventure Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Aviation adventure books can be fiction or non-fiction, memoirs, or biographies. If you thrive on adventure, love the thrill of being in the sky, or perhaps fly planes yourself, you would likely enjoy reading such books. There are guides that you can buy that explain what you need to do to become a licensed pilot, as well as resources for aviation schools in the United States and abroad.

If flying is your passion, you might want to pick up a juicy novel that incorporates the adventures of a pilot as he flies around the world. Perhaps you are more interested in reading the real life account of a person who has flown a plane that crashed in dangerous circumstances. Flying is a topic of conversation that most people have an opinion about, either because they love it or hate it.

Of course you can always find aviation adventure books about war pilots, who have fought some of the toughest battles in the air. Imagine trying to fly a plane while also trying to avoid getting hit by gunfire or a missile. Getting out of that ordeal in one piece requires tremendous skill (and a little luck, too). Aviation includes recreational flying and commercial flying, with more and more private citizens obtaining their own pilot's licenses.

Aviation Adventure Books for the Thrill Seeker

If you know someone who relishes flying and all the risk that it entails, you could purchase some aviation adventure books for him or her. Perhaps a special occasion has left you stumped for a gift. Books make great gifts, as most people truly enjoy sitting down for a quiet moment with a good read. You could purchase a gift certificate to an online bookstore if you are not sure which title to purchase--that way, your friend can choose the book he or she wants.

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