Colorado River Rafting Info

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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The Grand Canyon deeply affects everyone who visits, but those who see it all from the Colorado River have a special perspective--and there's no better way to gain this perspective than by researching Colorado River rafting info. Many people do not know about the possibility of seeing the Canyon in this way, probably because of the limited permits available for rafting on the Colorado River. If you're interested in Colorado River rafting info, continue to read this page!

Colorado River Rafting Info for Those Who Don't Own a Boat

Colorado River rafting in the Grand Canyon is for everyone, but not many folks own their own rafts, motors, and other necessary gear. I recommend contacting a reputable adventure travel company for more Colorado River rafting info. A good company will provide a knowledgeable guide, all the right gear, and plenty of great food for your journey.

A river trip through the Grand Canyon takes around a week in a motorized raft, while a trip in an oar-powered boat takes considerably longer. Half-canyon trips are offered by some Colorado River rafting outfits. Be prepared for a hike to join or exit the trip if you decide on a half-canyon rafting trip. Don't forget to book Colorado River whitewater rafting trips six months to one year in advance!

The Glen Canyon Dam upstream from the Grand Canyon tempered the flow of the Colorado River, making rafting trips available to the public. As you journey along the river, you will be amazed as rock formations open up around you. See the Grand Canyon from a new angle, and you'll gain a new respect for the natural processes that carved it.

Whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon adds another element of excitement and adventure to an already incredible area. If you or your family like being in the water, I highly recommend considering a Colorado River rafting vacation. If you have seen the Grand Canyon before and want a different perspective on the magnificent chasm, if you love being on rivers, or if your family wants to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, whitewater rafting is the way to go!

The great chasm itself was formed as the Colorado River eroded billions of years of rock away over a relatively quick period of millennia. The creation of Lake Powell as a result of the Glen Canyon Dam upstream from the Grand Canyon slowed the flow of the Colorado River enough to facilitate river rafting. As you travel down the river by raft, you can clearly see the layers of earth showing an unparalleled view of natural history.

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