Colorado Travel Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Colorado travel books are certainly in high demand, as this is one of the most visited states by tourists from all around the world. If you love the challenge of a steep slope for some intense skiing or snowboarding, Colorado is the place to go. Whether your adventures are taking you to Telluride or Vail, there is a great deal to do and see in this beautiful state.

Frommer's travel books offer some fantastic guides to vacationing in Colorado. You can read up on the major areas of attraction, as well as the bigger cities, such as Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Vail. You can find out which hotels are rated with five stars, and which ones are considered budget accommodations. Believe it or not, you can find some great deals on ski packages if you book your reservations during the less popular months, such as October and November, or even April and May.

Since most of the ski resorts in Colorado are at such a high elevation, they tend to get snow much earlier and much later in the season than other cold climate locations. This is good news if you are on a fixed budget and cannot afford to ski Vail during the hopping months of December and January. Lonely Planet also puts out some great Colorado travel books to help consumers plan a fantastic vacation.

Helpful Colorado Travel Books

Travel guidebooks are also great because they give you the inside view of the not-so-trendy places to eat or sleep while in Colorado. You can learn about the fabulous hole-in-the-wall diner that makes the best burgers around, or you can find out about the well-kept secret of a small bed and breakfast on the outskirts of Vail that charges next to nothing for upscale accommodations. Good travel books give you clues so you can arrange a vacation that will be worth every minute and penny spent.

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