Cultures Of The World

Written by Amy Hall
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There is such a vast array of different cultures around the world that it could take a lifetime to learn about each and every one of them. However, if you are studying a particular culture for school, work, or just personal interest, you can find some fascinating and insightful books that give people a glimpse into another way of life. It is vitally important for children to be taught that there is a world that extends much farther than their own neck of the woods, and fortunately there are some wonderful children's books that illustrate this point.

Even travel maps can put things into perspective, when you get the chance to look at the entire world on a piece of paper. You can see where you live, and just how small your four walls are compared to the huge vastness that makes up the rest of the world. Learning about the cultures of the world gives us all a better appreciation for our similarities and our differences.

Not only do different countries speak different languages, but they also eat different foods, wear different clothes, and practice different religions. You could spend a great deal of time just studying a specific culture's religious practices. Likewise, to learn about the food, the customs, the language, and the social etiquette could take even longer. Books help us absorb the important parts of other cultures, and they allow us to imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning in a hut or in the rain forest or even in a palace.

The Diverse Cultures of the World

Learning about the cultures of the world is just as important as learning about history, art, or geography. Cultures are unique and they can be captivating to research. A good book can guide you through the life of an African tribesman or an Alaskan fisherman or even a royal princess. Learning about other cultures is a great way to become less ignorant and much more compassionate.

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