Egyptian Art Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Egyptian art books share the rich history, architecture, paintings, and sculpture of this ancient culture with those of us who feel drawn to its mystique. Egypt has an almost mystical sense to it, completely different from any other country in Africa, or in the world for that matter. It can be completely absorbing to sit down with an art book based on Egyptian culture and history. Egyptian art is symbolic, and it has come to be understood a little better through years of research and interpretation.

One thing is for certain, and that is the sheer mastery of the craftsmen who created pieces of art thousands of years ago, with tools made by hand and with the skill of their eyes only. When you stop to consider the engineering that had to go into the building of the Egyptian pyramids, it is amazing how these structures were built with no modern technology or tools. Only the strength of men and hard work built these pyramids that still stand today.

If you or someone you know is captivated by the rich history and art of the Egyptians, perhaps you might be interested in choosing some art books that capture the essence of Egyptian life. You may even want to pick up some good travel guidebooks that talk about the various regions of Egypt, as well as showcase the architecture, jewelry, paintings, and sculptures that have become so popular. You can even read up on the latest findings about hieroglyphics, and how modern day researchers have interpreted them.

Egyptian Art Books for Your Coffee Table

Another bonus to buying Egyptian art books is that they look great on your coffee table. A beautiful hardcover book with gorgeous photos of Egyptian art would make a great centerpiece for any table, and certainly it would get its fair share of attention. You can purchase such art books through online stores that specialize in travel books, international maps, and other travel treasures.

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