Family Adventure Vacations

Written by Serena Berger
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Family adventure vacations are a perfect way of spending time and even growing closer together, provided your family is comprised of individuals possessing suitably adventurous temperaments. It can seriously backfire to insist that your husband who wanted to visit Jim Morrison's grave skip his pilgrimage to come rock climbing, or that your daughter who wants nothing more than to go to tennis camp come on a family road trip to see the most important Revolutionary War battle sites in Pennsylvania. Barring the obvious impediments, however, creative and exciting family adventure vacations can surprise everyone with just how much fun they are.

Unless you all share an incredibly strong passion for one extreme sport, the best family adventure vacations are not likely to focus on one single activity for a whole week or two. The nature of adventure is trying something new--so why not enjoy several new activities? You may want to plan a vacation which gives you the opportunity to try a sport that you would have a way to pursue during the rest of the year, as well.

Exploring the Country on Family Adventure Vacations

Conversely, you may want to plan a vacation which gives you the opportunity to show off or explore a skill that you have developed during the rest of the year. For example, if you have a rock climbing wall at your gym, you might relish the opportunity to try some natural terrain. If you ride bikes a lot around your town, you can have a lot more fun taking a biking vacation, either seeing sites and towns all over the country, or taking mountain bikes out into wilder territory.

You might also consider staying at a resort or camp ground where you will meet other families. No matter how much fun you have as a family, outgoing children often have the best time on vacation if they get to meet other young people. If you return to the same place every year, your summer vacation friends can be a big benefit of your family vacations.

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