Family Vacation Resorts

Written by Serena Berger
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Family vacation resorts can give you the opportunity to have a simple, old-fashioned good time with your family on your summer vacation. They can also, however, provide you with the opportunity to split up and do your own thing if family members want a chance to pursue their own interests, at least for some of the time on vacation. Whatever your family's style, from casual to elegant, you can look into family vacation resorts that will help you have the kind of holiday you want.

Many families enjoy going on vacation to a place where they will be near other families. Kids can meet other children of their age, and join up for sports and activities. Some family resorts even offer supervision for children, so that if kids don't want to do something with their parents, they can stay on the resort grounds and swim, play games, hear stories, or engage in other activities specifically for young people, while the parents can rest assured their children are being well taken care of.

Activities at Family Vacation Resorts

Family vacation resorts typically offer a variety of activities and facilities on their grounds. Outdoor and indoor pools, horseback riding, walking trails, and maybe even archery ranges, badminton, tennis, crochet and volleyball are family-friendly activities you can find at many of the best resorts. Some also have a spa where adults can relax by themselves for a while, or a bar to which they can venture at night for drinks, music, and relaxation.

Some family-oriented resorts are essentially hotel style, with rooms suitable for families. You can share a room, or rent adjoining rooms for the parents and kids. Others offer individual cabins on the same site, some of which are likely to be fancier and more expensive, while others may be simple and rustic, so that you don't have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to stay at a great vacation location.

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