Fictional Travel Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Fictional travel books can be a great escape from the chaos of daily life. If you love to read fiction, and you have an equal affection for travel, you would likely derive great pleasure from reading a juicy fictional travel novel. Of course, the plot is made-up, but many of the details in such novels are taken from real life. For instance, if you were to sit down with Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, you would get a story about a man on vacation in Africa, who must solve the murder of a young woman who is newly married.

Although the storyline is entirely fictional, the language used to describe the Nile and the surrounding area in Africa is right on target. Authors who use foreign countries and cities within those countries as backdrops for their plots must often travel to those areas and do some research before setting pen to paper. If a story that takes place in Egypt is to seem real, readers must be able to imagine what the Nile River valley looks like, they must be able to feel the heat of the midday sun, and hear the sounds of the wildlife in and along this famous river.

Escape with Fictional Travel Books

If you have never read fictional travel books, you might find that they capture your interest and allow your mind to wander to far-off places. There are certainly hundreds, if not thousands, of fabulous fictional travel books from which to choose, so if you come across a title that intrigues you, why not give it a go? Again, browsing for such books online can save you both time and money, so it may be wise to begin your search for such travel books with the Internet.

Many authors who have written best-selling memoirs and travelogues have also tried their hand at fictional travel writing. You can check out some books by Peter Mayle and Frances Mayes, to name two well-known non-fictional writers who have found success with fiction. You can also search for these fictional books by country, if you have a particular interest in Europe or Africa, for example.

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