Fishing Vacations

Written by Serena Berger
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Fishing vacations bring to mind images of close-knit American families, or perhaps friends out on a river, talking, relaxing, and occasionally having a fish bite on their lines. Movies like She's the One or Beautiful Girls capture the sense of tradition that accompanies a group of guys going fishing together in order to get away from it all. Of course, She's the One ends with the gratifying portrait of the irascible old dad finally inviting the woman his son loves out on the boat too, and one of the most memorable scenes in Beautiful Girls features Timothy Hutton bringing Uma Thurman out to the guys' favorite ice fishing spot, reminding anyone who might think that fishing is just a boys' club that times have changed.

For some people, the occasional weekend afternoon out on a lake or drifting down a river is enough to fulfill their fishing craving. (And, for that matter, some people say they're going "fishing" when really their sole intent is to enjoy a calm and quiet day on the water.) For more inveterate sportsmen, however, fishing vacations provide an opportunity to go after a variety of fish that may be indigenous only to certain parts of the country, to meet other fisherman, exchange techniques and stories about the ones that got away, and explore some of the most beautiful waterways in the country.

It is impossible to index the variety of fishing locations and the types of fish for which you can consider questing. Fresh water or salt water? Big-game, eating fish, or stalking fish? Do you want to compete, either for prizes or acclaim, or do you simply want to go to a place you like and fish for whatever happens to be there? The possibilities are literally endless.

Family Fishing Vacations

Fishing vacations can make great family vacations if you make just a little extra effort to make sure there's something for everyone to do. Some people might enjoy being on a boat without fishing; otherwise might enjoy a nearby beach while some family members go off to fish. If you choose your location well, you could find a variety of activities all in close proximity to each other, from fishing to rafting, hiking, climbing, or camping.

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