Foreign Phrases

Written by Amy Hall
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It is always good to know common foreign phrases when traveling abroad, as you will likely need them to communicate with the natives on a very basic level. If you have absolutely no knowledge of the foreign language you will need to know when you are traveling, it is wise to invest in a good phrase book that provides a dictionary, as well as some basic conversions. For instance, if you are going to be hitting the Amalfi Coast in Italy, you will want a foreign phrase book that provides an English to Italian dictionary, as well as an Italian to English version.

Furthermore, you will need a phrase book that shows you how to ask for directions, gives you the proper pronunciation of important words, and also covers currency, telling time, and the names of hospitals, police stations, and other important public facilities that you may need to use during your stay. Ideally, you would probably want a phrase book that is small enough to fit in your pocket, or at least your pocketbook. If it is too big and cumbersome, you won't want to carry it around with you, and then having such a book becomes useless.

Keeping Foreign Phrases at Hand

A phrase book that provides pronunciation for each and every word offers a much more valuable learning tool than one that does not. If you are not able to make yourself clear because you are mispronouncing your words, you will struggle through your daily interactions with the natives. Furthermore, you want a phrase book that touches upon all the areas you will likely encounter on your trip, such as how to order food in a restaurant, how to buy bus tickets, how to ask where the closest ATM machine is located, and where you can go to purchase toiletries.

Traveling to foreign places is exciting, but it can also be somewhat stressful when you don't speak the native language. Purchasing travel guidebooks, international maps, and books that contain foreign phrases before you depart on your trip is just smart, because it will prepare you better for all that you are likely to encounter during your stay. You can purchase such materials online, through stores that specialize in travel guides, books, and maps.

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