Gift Books

Written by Amy Hall
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Gift books can be perfect for any occasion, whether the special event is a birthday or a holiday. Many people who love to travel truly appreciate the sentiment of receiving travel memoirs, guidebooks, or even fictional travel books as gifts. In fact, if you know someone who relishes his or her vacations to foreign and exotic places (but for some reason forgets to purchase travel guidebooks or maps), perhaps you can do that for him or her.

If you are not sure which types of books your friends might like, you can choose to purchase online gift certificates. This is also a smart idea, because most people love being able to browse through a store and pick and choose the books they want, without having to pay for the books themselves. It's like getting something for free, because the recipient does not have to foot the bill.

Browsing Gift Books through the Internet

Some people are easy to buy for, because they are not shy about revealing what their interests are. If you have a best buddy who travels to Provence every August for a seaside vacation in the south of France, then you could feel pretty safe buying gift books that have to do with this region of France. Perhaps you might like to pick out some fabulous travel coffee table books that depict the beaches along the French coastline, or even the quaint villages scattered throughout Provence.

Maybe you have another friend who has always wanted to go on an African safari but has yet to save up the money to go. You could purchase some travel guidebooks about African safaris, as well as some travel maps of Africa's most traveled areas. Gift books are great gifts, plain and simple. People who love to travel usually tend to love to read as well, so the two go hand in hand.

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