Grand Canyon Family Adventure Vacations

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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The Canyon presents unequaled scenic views as visitors stand at its edge, yet even more knowledge and fun are available with Grand Canyon family adventure vacations. With a little assistance and advance planning you can explore the trails, forests, and deserts in and around the Canyon. By choosing Grand Canyon family adventure vacations, you will come to know the Grand Canyon first-hand.

These days, people want to explore the Grand Canyon themselves by foot, mountain bike, or river raft, and now there are great opportunities to do just that with your whole family. Adventure travel companies offer expertise and great vacations packages for large and small families and groups of families. Grand Canyon family adventure vacations combine the fun of an adventure vacation with the physical grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Family Adventure Vacations in the North Rim

People are aware that the Grand Canyon is a great natural site to behold, but few visitors know that the North Rim of the Grand Canyon shines above the South Rim. The North Rim has the same incredible views of the canyon with fewer crowds, lower temperatures, and widely varying natural terrain available for family activities. Due to its higher elevation, temperatures are 30 degrees cooler at the Kaibab Plateau near the North Rim than at the Colorado River. Cooler weather allows North Rim adventure travel companies to provide mountain biking even in the summer months.

Grand Canyon family adventure vacations are ideal for those families reaching the western United States by airplane because your adventure travel company should provide top-class bikes, tents, food, and equipment. If you have your own equipment, be sure to obtain a backcountry permit for your Canyon adventure six months to one year in advance. Parents can be assured that the Grand Canyon family vacation packages offer unlimited fun and learning for kids and great exercise and relaxation for you.

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