Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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If you are planning on visiting the Western United States, be sure to include Grand Canyon hiking tours in your itinerary. The Grand Canyon offers a unique chance to learn about the Earth's geology and witness some of the most breathtaking landscapes anywhere. You can do all this while hiking through the scenic trails of Grand Canyon National Park.

I recommend Grand Canyon hiking tours as an enhancement to your next trip. There is no better way to experience the Grand Canyon than to see it transform around you as you move through its wonders. Several adventure travel companies offer hiking tours, and a few of those combine hiking and mountain biking. Grand Canyon National Park contains hundreds of miles of trails, with sections available for all skill levels.

Grand Canyon Hiking Tours for All Skill Levels

My favorite recommended hiking trails in the Grand Canyon are located in the North Rim area. The North Rim averages 8,000 feet over sea level, or 1,000 feet of increased elevation over the more congested South Rim. The higher altitude means lower temperatures in the prime summer months. Be aware that permits are necessary for hiking and camping in Grand Canyon National Park and you should apply in advance, or consult an adventure travel company.

The North Rim includes Point Imperial, Cape Royal, and the remote but beautiful Point Sublime. All skill levels are accommodated, so don't worry if you're not an advanced hiker. I have had excellent, well-informed guides on my Grand Canyon hiking tours--your guide will probably be a good source of facts about the geology of the Grand Canyon and its terrain. Whether you are an occasional hiker or a serious outdoor adventurer, hiking tours are the best way to see the Grand Canyon on foot.

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