Grand Canyon Mountain Biking Info

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Mountain bikers know that the best Grand Canyon mountain biking info points toward the North Rim. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is known throughout the world for its magnificent scenery. Mountain bikers are now discovering that the North Rim has some first-class mountain biking trails as well.

Grand Canyon National Park contains hundreds of miles of backcountry and fire roads that access scenic overlooks throughout its entire length. Trying to choose which sections of the many trails to explore can be difficult if you're not a regular Grand Canyon visitor. In fact, you may not want to continue along the trails at all because the views along the way are so compelling.

Finding Grand Canyon Mountain Biking Info

Two excellent trails have been created for bikers at the Grand Canyon: the Arizona Trail and the Rainbow Rim. Both of these trails are located in the less-crowded North Rim section of the Canyon. The North Rim also features mountain biking trails through the forested pines on the Kaibab Plateau, where you may encounter breathtaking views of the canyon as you emerge from the trees. If this sounds like your idea of a great vacation, do some online research to find more Grand Canyon mountain biking info.

If you and your family have all the necessary equipment, make sure your bikes are in good shape and apply at least six months in advance for Grand Canyon National Park backcountry permits. More Grand Canyon mountain biking info is available through reputable adventure travel companies. You may have so much fun on your Grand Canyon mountain biking trip that you won't want to come back!

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