Grand Canyon National Park Info

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Grand Canyon National Park info is easy to find online, allowing you to plan the perfect family vacation. The Grand Canyon is known throughout the world for the amazing views available to visitors on the rim. Barranca del Cobre in northern Mexico and Hell's Canyon in Idaho are both deeper, but the Grand Canyon is the most magnificent. It presents both overwhelming size and a remarkable range of intricate and colorful rock formations. It is also a must-see for natural history and geology fans because of the sequence of ancient rocks that are exposed in the canyon walls.

This page is a resource for people who are interested in visiting the canyon in person. You will not be able to resist taking pictures while you are there, but you'll see that they will never do the awesome landscape justice. The Canyon is not only a place to admire, but also a great place to hike and go mountain biking.

Grand Canyon National Park Info Helps You Plan

The Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible examples of erosion in the world. It was formed as the Colorado River carved through billions of years of rock over a several millennia. A bit of Grand Canyon National Park info: The park contains over one million acres of land (1,218,376 acres to be exact). The Colorado River flows through the entirety of the Grand Canyon for a total of 277 miles. It starts in Lees Ferry and ends at Grand Wash Cliffs.

The great majority of Grand Canyon visitors arrive at the South Rim. Other people discover that the North Rim of the Grand Canyon offers incredible views, limited crowds, cooler temperatures, and great hiking and mountain biking trails. The Colorado River flows through the full length of the Inner Canyon, the hottest and driest area. Try to visit the Inner Canyon in the cooler spring and fall seasons.

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