Grand Canyon North Rim Info

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Grand Canyon North Rim info is what you should be looking for if you're planning a vacation anytime soon. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is over 8,000 feet above sea level, as opposed to the South Rim, which averages over 7,000 feet. The increased elevation of the North Rim affords panoramic viewpoints of the canyon rather than looking into its deep recesses.

Grand Canyon North Rim Info--Point by Point

Three incredible viewpoints distinguish the canyon's North Rim: Point Imperial, Cape Royal, and Point Sublime. All three viewpoints present an effect of looking across the entire vast canyon. Watch as the sun emblazons changing colors across miles of Canyon formations.

Point Imperial, at 8,803 feet, is the highest point on the North Rim. It provides panoramic views of the Painted Desert and the eastern part of the Grand Canyon. From Point Imperial, you can see the distant winding gash of Marble Canyon open spectacularly to view. Look for layers of red and black Precambrian rock, which define the geology through contrast and color. Grand Canyon North Rim info can help you locate trails for hiking or mountain biking around Pont Imperial.

Cape Royal offers a panoramic view of the whole Grand Canyon, making it popular for sunrise and sunset. Look through the natural frame of Angels Window for the turn of the Colorado River at Unkar Delta. Cape Royal can be accessed from a paved, level trail.

Point Sublime can be accessed only via a four-wheel drive vehicle. Count on a rough, two hour (one way) trip to this remote Canyon overlook. The drive is well worth it as the view from Point Sublime lives up to its name. Be sure to include this Grand Canyon North Rim info in your plans for a Grand Canyon vacation.

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