Grand Canyon North Rim Lodging

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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If you're willing to make the longer drive, Grand Canyon North Rim lodging is available for you. The North Rim is well worth the extra effort. Its higher elevation means that you will experience magnificent vistas that show the entire expanse of the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon North Rim lodging is a bit more scarce than in the overcrowded, tourist-infested South Rim, so you may want to consider taking an adventure travel vacation when you visit.

If you are interested in outdoor activities and want to see the Grand Canyon in full detail, I recommend adventure tours departing from the North Rim. Hiking, mountain biking, and river rafting are among the options available from most adventure tour companies, so you will have plenty of fun while you visit the Canyon. Your Grand Canyon North Rim lodging will probably consist of high-quality camping domiciles.

Grand Canyon North Rim Lodging--Points of Interest

The North Rim offers three impressive viewpoints: Point Imperial, Cape Royal, and Point Sublime. These three viewpoints present sweeping views of the canyon's entire vastness. The sun washes changing colors over miles of Canyon formations as you watch. From Point Imperial, the distant winding ravine of Marble Canyon opens impressively to become the Grand Canyon. Cape Royal presents a panoramic view of the Canyon, making it quite popular for sunrise and sunset. Point Sublime lives up to its name and is the favorite Canyon viewpoint for many visitors.

You will surely have seen unforgettable things when you return to your Grand Canyon North Rim lodging in the evening. The Canyon offers a totally unique perspective on our lives and the world we live in. Enjoy using this information as you plan for your Canyon vacation.

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