Grand Canyon Professional Guides

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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I'm sure you realize that Grand Canyon National Park contains amazing hiking and mountain biking trails with vistas that will stay with you forever, but what you might not know is that there are Grand Canyon professional guides who know every foot of those trails by heart. The Grand Canyon also represents a unique opportunity to learn about the Earth. The fact is, nobody wants to avert their eyes from the amazing Canyon views to page through guidebooks. That's why adventure travelers look to Grand Canyon professional guides to provide insight into the terrain, geology and history of the canyon.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of Grand Canyon tours are offered. Most of them involve traveling around the Grand Canyon on an air-conditioned tour bus, with stops at scenic canyon viewpoints. Colorado River rafting tours are another great way to see the canyon--just remember that rafting tours book up far in advance, so plan your Colorado River trip six months to one year early. If you have a few days to spend at the Grand Canyon, consider a hiking or mountain biking tour led by Grand Canyon professional guides.

Canyon Trail Adventures with Grand Canyon Professional Guides

My favorite trip to the Grand Canyon includes hiking and/or mountain biking with my friends or family. This is the ideal way to experience the Grand Canyon because you can see it transform as you traverse its wonders. Apply far in advance for the required hiking and mountain biking permits, or consult an adventure travel company. I always gain a little more knowledge from experienced Grand Canyon professional guides than I have from my innumerable guidebooks.

Adventure travel in the canyon is becoming increasingly popular, and you'll find hiking, mountain biking, and multi sport tours of the Grand Canyon. Don't worry if you're not an expert hiker or mountain biker--I've discovered that all skill levels are accommodated. I had a fun, erudite guide on my multi sport Grand Canyon tour--she shared her knowledge about the geology of the Grand Canyon and its terrain.

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