Grand Canyon River Trips

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Before I discovered Grand Canyon River trips, I thought the only way to see the canyon was to simply stand at its edge. The Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon through erosion and runs its entire length. Traveling through the Canyon by river raft or dory magnifies the always amazing Grand Canyon experience.

The vast chasm itself was formed as the Colorado River washed away billions of years of rock over a relatively quick period of several millennia. The shapes found in the Grand Canyon are a result of the rocks' different rates and patterns of erosion. Traveling down the river by raft allows an unparalleled view of natural history through billions of years worth of rock formations.

A rafting trip through the Grand Canyon takes about one week in a motor-powered raft, while trips using oars take two or three weeks. Half-length trips are available but these demand a hike to connect with or depart from the trip. Your adventure travel company will obtain the Colorado River permits necessary to make Grand Canyon river trips. Since demand exceeds supply, book your trip one year in advance, because Colorado River rafting trips fill up very quickly.

Everyone Loves Grand Canyon River Trips

When you look up from your campsite at night and see the sky covered in bright stars, with the Grand Canyon surrounding, you'll be glad you decided to take a river trip. If you have seen the Grand Canyon before and want a different perspective on the magnificent chasm, if you love being on rivers, or if your family wants to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, Grand Canyon river trips are wonderful.

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