Grand Canyon Sightseeing Tour

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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If you are planning on visiting northern Arizona, be sure to include a Grand Canyon sightseeing tour in your itinerary. The Grand Canyon offers an incredible opportunity to learn about the very formation of the Earth, the original inhabitants of the area, and the American pioneers who first traveled through the Canyon. However, nobody wants to avert their eyes from the amazing Canyon views to page through guidebooks.

I recommend a Grand Canyon Sightseeing tour as an enhancement to your next trip. Hundreds of different sightseeing tours are available. Some involve traveling around the Grand Canyon on an air-conditioned tour bus, stopping at scenic viewpoints to look out into the Canyon. Other tours travel down the turbulent Colorado River by raft--these tours book up far in advance, so be sure to plan your Colorado River trip six months to one year early.

Grand Canyon Sightseeing Tours--Outdoor Adventures Await!

My favorite type of Grand Canyon sightseeing tour involves hiking and/or mountain biking in Grand Canyon National Park. There is no better way to experience the Grand Canyon than to see it transform around you as you move through its wonders. Permits are required for hiking and mountain biking in the canyon, so you should apply far in advance, or consult an adventure travel company.

You will find options for hiking tours, mountain biking, and multi-sport tours of the Grand Canyon. All skill levels are accommodated, so don't worry if you're not an advanced hiker or mountain biker. I had an excellent, well-informed guide on my multi sport Grand Canyon tour--he was a great source of information about the geology of the Grand Canyon and its terrain. Whatever type of adventurer you are, there is a canyon sightseeing tour for you.

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