Horseback Riding Vacations

Written by Serena Berger
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Horseback riding vacations are great for people who own their own horses and want to explore a new area. They can also be a joy if you live in a city and can't keep your own horses, but want a chance to get away and ride. If you've never ridden before, you might consider taking riding lessons as part of a vacation. Though, as a beginner, you won't want to commit solely to riding, as you will likely be sore after a few lessons and might want to explore other activities.

If you own your own horses and your idea of a perfect vacation is getting away from home and being able to ride and explore to your heart's content, there are many places you can go. You might consider checking out some of the most equestrian-friendly areas in the mid-Atlantic and south, where you can stable your horses and stay in a lovely upscale resort or bed and breakfast. If you really love horses, you can combine horseback riding vacations with going to see horse shows or competitions, or even shopping for horses at some of the best breeding facilities in the country.

Casual horseback riding vacations can entail taking an afternoon or two to go riding on trails with guides, and then participating in another outdoor activity in the area. You can even look into packages designed to make the most of a given area, perhaps exploring rafting, riding, hiking, and fishing over the course of a week. If you only have a weekend, you can spend a night in a cozy Bed and Breakfast and a day riding and picnicking, making the most of a brief romantic getaway.

Horseback Riding Vacations in Virginia and West Virginia

Virginia and West Virginia have some particularly lovely trails and terrain for horseback riding. In the multitude of state parks, there are mountain trails and gentle plains you can explore, alone or with a guide. Many of these ideal areas for riding are also within minutes of great golfing, swimming, fishing, and rafting, too.

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