Indian Recipes

Written by Amy Hall
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Many people who love Indian food would love to try their hands at Indian recipes, but are put off because they feel it is a complicated style of cooking. Well, if you get the right cookbook, you can learn how to cook delicious Indian meals that are not too challenging, yet are tasty and healthy. Indian cooking tends to draw upon the ingredients that are naturally found throughout India, such as exotic fruits and vegetables, coconuts, seafood, hot chiles, mustard seeds, and legumes.

Although your local supermarket may not carry all the ingredients, a good cookbook will give you alternative ingredients that can replace hard-to-find items. You can also try to find uncommon ingredients at gourmet supermarkets and specialty shops. However, if you are trying Indian recipes for the first time, you might want to keep it simple so as not to be turned off from the idea after your first attempt at preparing an authentic Indian meal.

Some traditional Indian recipes include: Lamb Korma, Tandoori Chicken, and Spinach Paneer. Many Indian dishes include spices that some people may find too strong or overwhelmingly hot. If you are cooking for a group of people, it may be best to put in fewer chiles or mustard seeds than the recipe calls for, as you don't want to make your meal unappetizing to those with sensitive tastebuds. Coconut and coconut milk are widely used in many recipes that include chicken, seafood, and beef. The sweetness of the coconut milk can offset the fiery spice of the chile peppers or mustard seeds.

Try Your Hand at Indian Recipes

If you love Indian food, you might want to try to whip up some delicious meals at home. A good cookbook will be simple to follow, and it will give you options in terms of ingredients. Some cookbooks will even give sources for purchasing hard-to-find ingredients, so you can either go in person to pick up such ingredients or order them through online sites or by phone. Indian cooking is a favorite treat for many people, and it does not have to be too challenging to tackle at home. With the right cookbook, you should be able to cook up a wonderful meal, without any stress or frustration.

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