Italian Recipes

Written by Amy Hall
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Boy, who doesn't love some great Italian recipes? Italian food is a favorite among many cultures, American being one such culture. It seems that no matter where you live in the United States, there is at least one outstanding Italian restaurant within driving distance of your home. Perhaps the draw towards Italian cooking is that it is made with simple ingredients that are not too complicated.

Take, for example, tomato sauce. All you really need to make a wonderful sauce are fresh tomatoes, (or canned, if you cannot get ripe fresh ones), garlic, olive oil, basil, and some salt and pepper. When you cook tomato sauce for hours on low, the fresh ripeness of the tomatoes comes through loud and clear, and the sauce tastes delicious over ravioli or over plain linguine. If you love Italian recipes that include pasta, you might want to try your hand at pasta carbonara, which calls for pancetta, cream, cheese, and eggs. This rich dish is to-die-for, as the flavors of the aged cheeses and the saltiness of the pancetta come together in perfect harmony.

Don't forget about pizza, which is a favorite stand-by. Pizza can be simple, with just tomato sauce and some mozzarella, or it can be a bit more fancy with roasted red peppers, wild mushrooms, and plump olives. Some people prefer a fresh clam pizza, which can be made with or without tomato sauce, depending on your personal tastes. Then there is lasagna, which can also be made in various ways, depending upon the region of Italy where the recipe originated. There is also hearty Tuscan bean soup, wild boar with a succulent sauce made out of white truffles, and numerous seafood dishes that will make your mouth water.

Italian Recipes Galore

If you were not already hungry, let us move onto Italian recipes that indulge one's sweet tooth. Of course there is the ever-popular tiramisu, as well as Italian gelato, Italian ice, cannolis, fried dough with powdered sugar, and anise-flavored cookies with sprinkles. These all taste scrumptious when accompanied by a piping hot cappuccino or perhaps an espresso or even a nice dessert wine.

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