Japanese Recipes

Written by Amy Hall
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Many Americans automatically think of sushi when it comes to Japanese recipes. While it is certainly true that sushi is a segment of the Japanese diet, it must be realized that there is much more to Japanese cuisine than raw fish. If you have ever eaten in a sushi restaurant, you probably noticed an extensive menu of cooked items. Perhaps you tried a dish, perhaps not, but you might be interested in learning more about the Japanese way of cooking.

Some popular main dishes include gyoza (which is Japanese style dumplings), tempura (which is delicious deep fried seafood and vegetables), and soba (Japanese noodles). There are also a plethora of side dishes that usually accompany the main dishes. You might want to try a cucumber salad tossed with a tangy vinaigrette dressing, or steaming hot miso soup, which consists of fresh tofu, scallions, and a fish broth. You may also like to try edamame, which are steamed soybeans with salt.

You can also try tofu that comes fried, steamed, or broiled, and it can be served alone, or on top of a salad or main dish. The Japanese also make stir fry dishes with pork or seafood, usually served over rice or Japanese noodles. Many Japanese dishes include seafood, such as salmon, shrimp, or squid. Japanese cooking tends to be very healthy, because only heart-healthy oils are used, and a good portion of the main dishes comes from lean fish or chicken.

Delicious Japanese Recipes

Believe it or not, the Japanese also have some delectable desserts to tempt your palate. You might enjoy tofu cheesecake, rice cake, or even red bean ice cream. Many restaurants will serve a fresh-peeled orange upon completion of a meal, to cleanse the palate for after-dinner drinks and dessert. With the right cookbook, you can try your hand at Japanese cooking that is fun and uncomplicated.

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