Learning Foreign Languages

Written by Amy Hall
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There are certainly a multitude of foreign languages in this world from which to choose if you feel like taking on another language. Although your intentions may be good, it can be challenging trying to learn a foreign language if you work and have children. Many people just don't have the time to attend classes three to four times per week to get the real-world experience they need to learn a language fluently. If you don't use the language that you are learning, you tend to forget it.

So what is the solution to this dilemma? Well, there are some great programs you can buy for home use, that incorporate technology in order to give you the best at-home foreign language tutorial. Most of these systems are to be used on your personal computer, and they go over such things as pronunciation, comprehension, cultural traditions, listening, writing, and dictation. Such a program is much more in-depth than a foreign language phrase book that you would carry with you on your travels.

Many people who know they plan on visiting Italy, Spain, or France, for example, order these immersion programs months in advance of their trip, to truly get a feel for the language. This is a great gift idea if you know someone who has mentioned wanting to learn a foreign language, but complains that they are short on time to attend classes. A decent instant immersion package can range in cost from around $35 up to $75, with the best deals usually being offered through online stores. The platinum version of instant immersion packages will cost anywhere from $199 up through $300, which includes much more in-depth learning.

Learning Foreign Languages at Home

Whether you are trying to learn Hebrew or Portuguese, Italian or Spanish, purchasing a home-study foreign language program can facilitate the process. You can pop in a CD-Rom when you get a spare moment, and listen to native speakers teach you all you need to know to understand the spoken word, as well as write the language with proper grammar. You will also learn the basics, such as numbers, letters, seasons, money exchange, introducing yourself, asking common questions, and much, much more.

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