Written by Amy Hall
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Travel memoirs allow the reader to see distant places through the eyes of the writer. Memoirs can be about anything, from the renovation of a crumbling farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside to the life of a Jewish family during the reign of Hitler. The point is, memoirs are about true-life experiences that moved the writer in one way or another and compelled him or her to sit down and put pen to paper.

I love reading travel memoirs, because such books give me the opportunity to lose myself in someone else's world for a couple of hours. I love reading about the idiosyncrasies and the quirks of the French, or the harsh elements found only in the Australian outback. I have great respect for any writer who had the courage to pick up and move to foreign country, to begin life anew. As thrilling as the idea sounds to me, I know I would be too afraid to leave my own country and adopt a new homeland, with a different culture, different language, and different everything.

Many avid readers of travel memoirs feel the same way, as the gift of being able to read someone else's story is invaluable. I am grateful to those writers who did have the courage to travel to far and distant lands, and who were not afraid to get their feet wet in crocodile and snake infested waters in the rain forests of South America. Likewise, I am in awe of a writer who moved to another country, not speaking the language and not knowing a single soul in her new homeland. That certainly takes guts.

Travel Memoirs

If you travel a great deal or if you merely wish you did, you would probably delight in reading memoirs involving travel. There are, of course, many best-selling travel memoirs that you have probably heard of, and just as many that are probably unfamiliar to you. Don't be afraid to take the plunge and buy a memoir that you know little about, as these can oftentimes turn out to be the best. Remember as well that the Internet is a great place to browse for travel memoirs, and you can typically count on getting a great price for any book that you choose online.

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