Mountain Biking Vacations

Written by Serena Berger
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Mountain biking vacations can be fantastic, provided you're accustomed to riding a bike and don't mind getting a little dirty. You can just take your bike and head up to the mountains if you're feeling independent and adventurous. If you're a little more cautious, or if you prefer a guide, who can not only make recommendations for where to go and how to stay safe, but also tell you interesting facts about things you see, then you should consider planning a biking trip with a guide or a group.

Many people enjoy mountain biking, but would like to do a few other things during their vacation, as well. A versatile athlete with a love of many outdoor sports could find a vacation paradise in West Virginia. In addition to boasting highly ranked mountain biking terrain, West Virginia also offers world-famous whitewater rafting, and extraordinary climbing and fishing.

Just what makes West Virginia mountain biking vacations, in particular, so great? The land itself is a big part of the appeal, with tremendous variety from rugged mountain terrain to rolling hills to vast tracts of forest land in the multitude of state parks. The New River Gorge area offers an extensive trail network that includes mellow fire road cruising for inexperienced riders and tough single track for frequent riders.

Lodging for Mountain Biking Vacations

Assuming you want to spend more than a few hours exploring, you'll also have to consider lodging for mountain biking vacations. Most people whose idea of a good vacation is mountain biking are the sort of people who are content to camp or share a simple cabin, which is easy enough in most of the popular mountain biking areas. If you want more upscale lodgings, however, you can look into mountain resorts or cabins that offer amenities more equivalent to those at fancy hotels.

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