Mountain Vacations

Written by Serena Berger
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Mountain vacations offer something for everyone, from the seasoned athlete to the introspective nature lover. Whether you are looking for something that is physically demanding, or simply trying to get away from the daily routine imposed by work, you can find what you are looking for on the face of a mountain. Mountain resorts and activity areas can provide ample opportunities for individuals and families to enjoy their hard-earned vacations.

When thinking about mountain vacations, the first thought that comes to mind is probably downhill skiing. While no one can deny the appeal of fresh powder and hot cocoa at the lodge, mountains are not just winter venues. While some may prefer the speed of skiing, others may be seeking a more relaxing experience, both of which can be accommodated at a mountain resort.

Mountain Vacations for All Seasons

During the seasons without snow, climbing can lure many out of their local gyms and into the outdoors to apply their skills. Some may prefer quiet walks along trails, while others prefer more rigorous hikes up the mountain. No matter what your particular taste, mountain vacations are almost guaranteed to provide you with a unique experience that you cannot get on lower ground.

Many companies that operate on mountains are likely to offer services that vary by season to allow them to work year-round. During the Spring, Summer and Fall, biking and whitewater rafting are two popular activities that will draw large crowds. If you are interested in these activities, be sure to plan well in advance, especially if you are going with a sizable group. You want to check dam release dates and make sure your group will be well accommodated.

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