River Rafting In The Grand Canyon

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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p>When you're looking for an adventure through one of nature's most remarkable accomplishments, try river rafting in the Grand Canyon. Little or no river experience is required, and it's a fun trip for couples or the whole family. Several guide companies provide river rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Choose River Rafting in the Grand Canyon for Family Fun

The great chasm itself was formed as the Colorado River eroded billions of years of rock away over a relatively quick period of several millennia. The creation of Lake Powell (as a result of the Glen Canyon Dam upstream from the Grand Canyon) slowed the flow of the Colorado River enough to facilitate river rafting. As you travel down the river by raft, you can clearly see the layers of earth showing an unparalleled view of natural history.

A trip down the section of the Colorado River that runs through the Grand Canyon can take as little as one week in a motor-powered raft or dory. Expect a full-length trip through the Canyon in an oar-powered raft or dory to take two or three weeks. Generally, river rafting in the Grand Canyon may last from three to 21 days and reservations are essential.

River rafting in the Grand Canyon was a great idea for the original explorers of the Western United States and it's a great idea today. The excitement of being surrounded by such incredible beauty and natural history of such magnitude can't be overstated. I can't wait for my next trip.

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