Rock Climbing Schools

Written by Serena Berger
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Rock climbing schools can help prepare you to take advantage of one of the most challenging and rewarding outdoor sports. Too many people think the indoor climbing wall at their local gym has given them an insight into mountain climbing. While it may have helped them develop some of the necessary muscles and techniques for climbing, it hasn't given them any real sense of the exhilaration of the true outdoor adventure.

Rock climbing schools can help an absolute beginner start with a safe and solid foundation, or an experienced climber develop techniques. If you have never climbed on a real mountain before, you should take at least one afternoon or one day in a beginning course to find out just how different it is to climb on real rock than on a gym wall. If you have never climbed at all, you will probably want to allocate several sessions to beginning level courses with a guide or teacher who is working with no more than three students in a group. Of course you can also consider a private lesson, if you want really personalized instruction.

Rock Climbing Schools Offer Beginning and Expert Classes

The first lessons at rock climbing schools will take you through the fundamentals of climbing and safety. You should learn how to put on your harness, tie the climbing rope, rappel, and gauge the rock for the best climbing routes. You will probably also begin to learn about leading and anchoring.

More advanced lessons at rock climbing schools can be tailored to your level of experience and the kinds of places you want to climb. You can learn about multi-pitch climbing, and practice advanced rappelling and anchoring techniques. Cracks, friction climbing, and face climbing are all possible realms of study in advances classes.

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