Travel Guidebooks

Written by Amy Hall
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Travel guidebooks are literally just that, your guide to travel in a foreign county or within your own country of origin. It can be especially beneficial to read up on your destination spot well in advance of your trip, so you can avoid any tourist traps and just feel better informed. There are various lines of guidebooks, such as Frommers travel books, the Lonely Planet series, or the Let's Go series. You may be familiar with these travel guidebooks, or perhaps you have discovered another series that suits you better.

The good news is that you can purchase your favorite travel guidebooks and travel maps online, which is both convenient and cost-effective. When you order books through the Internet, you tend to snag great bargains because companies have lower overhead costs, and they don't have to have a massive inventory on hand at all times. I know that I always turn to the Web when I need to purchase any travel guidebooks, maps, or even when I just want to purchase a thoughtful gift for someone.

Many people get a thrill out of receiving books, especially when these books have to do with travel to far-off and exciting places. If you have a pal who is an Africa buff and wants to plan a trip for a wild African safari, maybe you could purchase some guidebooks that give the ins and outs of the various companies offering safaris, from five star retreats to more rugged excursions. People want to know about the accommodations, the food, the beaches, and shopping (if it applies). However, if your friend is planning on taking a safari out in the bush, shopping may not be a priority.

Essential Travel Guidebooks

Travel guidebooks are specific, which means they provide an incredible amount of detail about the area you will be visiting. For instance, if you are going to be spending a week in Greece, a guidebook would certainly touch upon Greece's best beaches, the weather, hotels in the area for those on a budget, as well as places to stay when money is not a factor. Learn about the Greek islands, get information about ferries, dining, and places you must see while in Greece. You will also likely learn about the places to skip while in Greece, and the areas that are not so wonderful.

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