Written by Amy Hall
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Travelogues are basically narratives about a person's travels to various countries. In a way, travelogues most closely resemble memoirs, because they are true accounts of a trip or an experience. You can purchase books that consist of numerous travelogues by various authors, or you can purchase one book consisting of one long travelogue. I myself just recently purchased a used book online entitled, The Best American Travel Writing, edited by Frances Mayes. This book was published in 2002, but I got it for next to nothing, so I did not mind that it was published two years ago.

There are some wonderful stories to be read--all you have to do is browse through the travel section of your internet bookstore. If you love to lose yourself in the adventures of another, then you will likely enjoy sitting down with a good travelogue or two. Make sure you get comfortable, because the chances are good that you will become so absorbed reading about the woman who sold all her belongings and bought a one-way plane ticket to Liguria to begin a new life along the Italian coastline that you will lose all track of time.

Perhaps you will pick up a travelogue about an advertising executive who was leading the good life in London, but ditched it all to refurbish a falling down farmhouse in Provence. Maybe you will even learn a few good French or Italian recipes along the way, which may inspire you to put down your book long enough to head to the market for some ingredients to whip up a gourmet meal. Travelogues are easy to read, simply because they allow you a moment or two to escape your own set of circumstances and let your mind drift to the sunny French Riviera or the Tuscan countryside.

Buy Travelogues Online and Save

As you probably know, buying your travel guidebooks, maps, memoirs, and travelogues online can save you a considerable amount of money. It is not uncommon to be able to buy brand new hardcover books for half off the cover price. In some cases, you can buy brand new books for a fraction of the price you would pay in a traditional bookstore. Shopping online is a wonderful alternative to shopping in traditional stores because you can save a nice chunk of change and you don't have to deal with driving, parking lots, or crowded stores.

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