Vacation Resorts

Written by Serena Berger
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Vacation resorts range from exotic and elegant spas to cozy family-friendly venues reminiscent of the wooded resort in Dirty Dancing. The word "resort" is tossed around liberally in the travel industry because it sounds elegant and classy and induces more interest than "hotel." If you're looking for someplace to stay on vacation, you need to make sure you know whether you want to go to a real resort, or whether you want to avoid paying more for so-called vacation resorts that may lack the amenities of a real resort or spa.

Often, resorts are comprised of a community of small family-sized cabins or apartments grouped together in a complex that also offers central recreational facilities. Dining options from picnic baskets to casual to formal can be part of the resort, as well as a bar or hot-spot for nighttime dancing or socializing. You might also consider looking for a resort with an indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center, sports options, entertainment, or a spa.

Family Vacation resorts

Some vacation resorts are much more family-friendly than others. Chances are if you want to get away for a week filled with massages, skin treatments, aromatherapy, and yoga, you will look for a place which caters to couples or singles. If you have children consider a family resort where you can all spend afternoons outside on a lawn playing badminton or tossing a Frisbee, and your kids will be able to meet other children their age.

The benefit of a resort is that it offers a range of entertainment and activities. From sports to personal pampering, dining to cabaret entertainment, you can go to a home-away-from-home where everything is taken care of for you, and all members of your group will be satisfied. If you want to sleep late and enjoy a lazy holiday, you can do that alone, or while other members of your family wake up for an early start at a variety of outdoor or group activities.

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